Today I finally decided to make public my pebble moon phase app on the pebble marketplace. It is a simplified moon phase application for the pebble watch. The moon phase is calculated based on the age of the moon, and then drawn using black and white lines on the watchface every minute, filling in a static white background circle. Below is what it looks like:

moon phase app screenshot

If you don’t have a smart watch, and have been thinking about getting one, I have been very impressed with the open-ness of the pebble watch. It will work with iOS and Android phones, and is a low power smartwatch that works very, very well in full sunlight. And for only ~$90 you can get into a smart watch.

I personally like it because you can create apps in a few different ways:

  1. C SDK -> Yeah, that is right, they give you access to the watch’s SDK in C
  2. Javascript SDK -> You can write javascript code that is executed on your phone, and rendered on the watch
  3. Companion Phone App -> You can write a companion app on the phone that works with the pebble watch.

Here is where I opensourced the moon phase watch app